Turbofire Review

Turbo Fire is Chalene Johnson’s most recent addition to the Beachbody line of programs.  Those of you who have tried out ChaLEAN Extreme or Turbo Jam know her style is vastly different from Tony Horton and Shaun T.  I find her very uplifting, motivational, and super high energy.


After just coming off of my Asylum high, I was pretty skeptical about this program and afraid that Turbo Fire wouldn’t live up to the intensity that I was looking for.  I am happy to report that I was wrong and that the great thing about Turbo Fire is that each class can be as intense as you want – it just takes you to decide how hard to push.  And if you really want to work, just try bobbing your head as much as Chalene does!  You might feel silly but it does take it up a notch.  Also really lengthening your moves and punches will help you out as well.

Here are the top reasons I am thoroughly enjoying my new program:


  1. It is fast paced and it goes by fast.

I was a cheerleader in college and currently am involved in Muay Thai kickboxing so it turns out this program is a perfect blend for me – think kickboxing with a splash of dance thrown in.


  1. The music and choreography  really is fun.

I especially find it funny when Chalene sings along with the words “Boom, I got your boyfriend, boom, I got your man!”  I think the music is far, far better than it was in ChaLEAN Extreme.  The choreography, while fun and fresh, can be complicated at times – especially if you are not used to what a “jab, cross, hook, upper” is.  It takes some getting used to but if you are new to these workouts, there is a ‘New To Class” option where she breaks down all the routines – do this until you get comfortable, it is a great breakdown for you.


  1. The sheer variety of “classes” available to you.

There are a total of 12 classes:

  • 2 EZs – which means that the class is longer and has no fire drills.
  • 2 Fire – a longer routine with a handful of 45 sec – 60 sec fire drills
  • 3 HIIT – these are pretty much all Fire Drills that you repeat a few times each.
  • 1 Sculpt – using Bands with some great innovative moves in here
  • 1 Tone
  • 1 Core
  • 2 Stretch Routines


  1. The choreography difficulty level is reasonable but even more so with the “New to Class” option on each DVD.  I did not use this feature and I did pretty well, though there are some moves that I have needed to repeat a few times but most routines I don’t have a problem at all – when I get stuck I just jump up and down until I match the moves.


  1. You need very little equipment and space.  The only equipment you need is a resistance band and an ankle “booty” sculpting band.  You also do not use a lot of space.  And optional equipment are the hand weights which I like but they make me really hot.  Since your palms and soles have the highest density of sweat receptors in your body, working out with gloves on is H.O.T.

The only thing I don’t really like is the Stretch workout but this is definitely a personal preference.  The calendar asks that you stretch everyday, which I do think is a good idea but I HATE to stretch so I have replaced this one with the Asylum Relief stretch.  I will say that you really NEED to stretch with this program.   The routines are so cardio intense and I feel a bit stiff afterwards, like I do after I run, so don’t blow off the stretch – do something!

The program is definitely geared towards women, though the HIIT workouts are great for anyone; perfect for a day when you need a fast and effective cardio blast.  Don’t be shy of the choreography or the intensity – all of it can be easily modified.

If you are interested more contact me for questions and remember if you do decide to order it, do so through our site and you will get a free gift, the Greatest HIITs DVD!


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