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I hope everyone is sticking to your fitness and nutrition. Summer bodies are made in the winter ūüôā ¬†If you haven’t been good then jump back on board. ¬†Participate in our Accountability groups or send me a message and I’ll be more than happy to help. ¬†Let’s get fit and healthy together.

Tony Horton Workout

Tony Montage

I had the wonderful opportunity to workout with Tony Horton at Beachbody Headquarters in Santa Monica California this last Friday. ¬†My Coach, Wayne Wyatt, was rewarded with a personal workout with Tony for winning the Top Coach award last year. ¬†Wayne was gracious enough to invite about 20 of his Coaches for this incredible event. ¬†This “Crew” of 20 also all happened to be members of the 1st ever Beachbody Challenge group, the Asylum Crazies. ¬†We all bonded in an indescribable way and have been friends for life since. ¬†All of us became Coaches¬†and several of us do it full time now ūüôā

We asked Tony Horton to kick our butts and he didn’t disappoint. Tony ran us through a version of P90X3 “The Warrior” except instead of the 30 minute version on the disc we went for a full 90 minutes lol. It was a butt kicking good time. ¬†I knew I was asking for it wearing the Superman shirt but I couldn’t help myself. ¬†Tony saw it told me to get in the front and he was going to pick on me. ¬†I told him to Bring it!

A few times I thought my heart was going to EXPLODE lol. We had already done an awful lot of push-ups and towards the end (90+ minutes) he wanted us to do Max push-ups in 50 seconds. He said a fit person should be able to do 50 in that time and I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to because i was smoked. I shocked myself and knocked out 67 which was the 2nd highest in the room. Adrenaline helps lol

Tony is just as goofy and funny in person, and amazingly ripped for 55! ¬†He has a genuine passion for fitness. ¬†He spent 2 hours with us and would have stayed all day if he didn’t have to go film something for TV. ¬†He reiterated several times how he feels better ¬†at 55 than he did at 25 or 35 thanks to the functional fitness of P90X2 & P90X3.

Super Spartan Race

spartan course

Since we all were making the trek out to California we decided we were going to run a 8+ mile 20+ obstacle Super Spartan race. ¬†When we pulled up to the scene above I was terrified lol. ¬†It looked like little ants going up and down those mountains and along the ridges. I didn’t run 1 minute to train leading up to the race. ¬†I’d just been doing P90X3 30 minutes a day.

Spartan Montage

I was very pleasantly surprised how my conditioning held up. ¬†The running portion was never more than 1/2 a mile at a crack so it wasn’t torture. ¬†Admittedly we didn’t go at a blazing pace since some of the guys were hobbling and we decided to go “No man left behind.” ¬†Many of the guys were bemoaning the many tortuous hill climbs but that didn’t bother me since it turned it from running into a badass leg workout.

The obstacles were fun and right in my wheel house. ¬†I dominated the “pick up this heavy thing and carry it” obstacles lol. ¬†Some of them were surprising hard though. ¬†The single hardest I thought was filling and carrying a 5 gallon bucket with stone and then carrying up and around a hill for a 1/4 mile. ¬†You couldn’t put it on your shoulder so you had to bear hug it. ¬†As we waited outr turn for some of the obstacles people were making the ones that required strength look darn near impossible. ¬†When my turn came up I found them pretty easy.

What can I say other than the Beachbody programs flat out work. Indoor training for the outdoor world. ¬†I’m shocked to say it but all of us are looking forward to doing a mud race again.


Last Day for the P90X3 and T25 sale!

If you’ve been thinking about P90X3 orT25 the Challenge pack sale ends tomorrow! The Challenge Packs come with the program and a month of Shakeology for $180 plus free shipping. This is the lowest price you will ever get but it’s only good today and tomorrow. Both programs can be done by all fitness levels and the workouts are only 30 minutes a day.

P90X3 Challenge Pack

T25 Challenge Pack


Have a great week and bring it!


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awesome!  So honored to call you my friend.  You definitely earned that Superman shirt.  Tony wanted to haze you but you didn't give him any reason to LOL