About Team InfinityX

Mission Statement

Why Team InfinityX? What do you do when you finish your 90 days of P90X or 60 days of Insanity? At Team InfinityX we are here to help you reach your fitness and weight loss goals, not just for the next few months, but hopefully for a lifetime of change.


About Jeff

My name is Jeff Lennon and I am 34 years old and the proud father of 3. I have been exercising using Beachbody products since the spring of 2003. Along the way I have done Power90, Slim Series, Power Half Hour, P90X, P90X+, P90Advanced, Tony Horton One-on-Ones, ChaLEAN Extreme, Brazil Butt Lift, and Insanity. I have been an advocate of all the Beachbody products, and what you are able to achieve with them exercising at home, to Family & Friends for many years. Recently I became an Independent Team Beachbody Coach and am looking forward to helping people reach their fitness and weight loss goals. I will share my experiences, struggles, and successes, and help motivate and hopefully inspire my team.

Contact Jeff at coachjeff@teaminfinityx.com


About Lauren 

Hello and welcome to Team InfinityX.  My name is Lauren Lennon and like many of you women out there, I wear many hats:  wife, mother, chef, cleaning lady, taxi driver, you name it.  Not to mention holding down a full time career.   All these jobs make it hard sometimes to stay focused on my fitness and nutritional goals, but by joining up with Team Beachbody and founding Team InfinityX with my husband, I now have the focus – even on days when it’s tough.

Along with my personal goals, I want to help YOU do the same.  It isn’t always easy but if you continue to push play and be honest with yourself, you will acheive your dreams.

Contact Lauren at coachlauren@teaminfinityx.com

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Judy Zacher
Judy Zacher

send me info Jeff...I need a belly shink...


I am excited that coach Lauren is going to help me get fit. For anyone 60+ I will let you know what I achieve. I will post a before picture, only after I have an after picture.

Pat Sorofman
Pat Sorofman

Wow, Love the Site. Well done, very user friendly with tons of information.