Where to Start?

Complete these 4 easy steps!  You will get a welcome email from me and I will approve your request to join our FREE support group.  Welcome to the team!

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Step 1.) Join our Team

It’s free so you have nothing to lose!  We have over 1500 members at all levels of fitness here to support and guide you to a new body.  Click below:

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Step 2.) Join our Support Group

Don’t worry it’s free you just need to have completed step 1.  All you need to do is request to be added to our private Facebook group and we’ll approve.  Here you will receive motivation from our entire team, daily posts from me, and a community of people who support each other.  Watch our Team Success Reel featuring many members of our support group:


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Step 3.) Nutrition 101

In order to kick your transformation off on the right track you MUST read this article.  Nutrition is everything and this article breaks down the basics and lets you know where to start

Read about the Fat Shredder




Step 4.) Get a Challenge Pack (Optional)

The last and final step is optional.  If you need a workout program and want to purchase Shakeology click below for the best deal possible.  The Challenge packs include the program of your choice a month’s worth of Shakeology.  A challenge pack is what I used to lose 35 lbs, win a $500 in the Beachbody Challenge & get featured in a P90X infomercial.  If you want BIG results follow the steps above and combine the support of our challenge group with a workout program and Shakeology.  Just remember though this step is optional and I’m happy to help you even if you already own a program or if you are doing your own thing.


Take the Challenge





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