Spring is here…finally!

Hey Team,

The weather is finally starting to feel like Spring around here thank goodness.  It’s great to get outside with the kids and soak in that much needed Vitamin D.  With Spring here that means Summer is right around the corner.  Are you ready?  Now’s the time to start focusing on your nutrition and making sure you’re getting those workouts in.


Calories, Macros, results oh my!

I track my food in MyFitnesspal EVERYDAY when I’m working towards a goal.  Don’t be intimidated by this.  Once you get into the swing of it the time required is minimal.  The App/site keeps track of previously used food so it’s very quick.  I spend no more than 3 minutes daily updating my food.

The Fat Shredder post tells you how to set it up.  There are recommended calorie levels to start for both men and women.  Don’t fret over the low calories though as they are only intended to give you a jump start in your progress.  After 3-4 weeks you should take your calories.  As you progress and stick with it your calorie intake should go up and up as your weight goes down.  Not sure what adjustment to make?  Send me a message I’ll be happy to get you pointed in the right direction.


The FIX fixes the need for tracking

One of the many reasons the 21 Day Fix has been so successful, in terms of sales and the results people are seeing, is the elimination of the need for tracking everything that goes in your mouth.  I heard a fellow Coach call it Portion-ology which I really like.  Your Macros ( Proteins, Carbs, Fats) are broken into different sized  containers that come with the program.

21D portion control

The brilliant thing about the the 21 Day Fix is that the Portion-ology is the Fat Shredder simplified.  Lauren followed the recommended  portion sizes using the containers her 1st round of the Fix and ALSO tracked those foods using MyFitnesspal.  The calories and macros came out very similarly to the Fat Shredder 🙂  No tracking, no intimidation, but most importantly education of about what’s right and healthy for you.  The Fix nutrition guide also recommends taking your calories up each round (3 weeks) to get that metabolism firing.

The workouts are great and only 30 minutes and the portion control method is brilliant.  Our second group of Fixers has 1 week left and once again we’re seeing great results.  There are many people on the Team who have finished a round of the Fix and taken the nutrition plan onto their next program like T25 and P90X3.  Looking to get jump started for Summer? Look no further!


BEAST progress

I’m on a 3+ week streak of hitting my calories and macros EVERDAY which coincides with the start of my current Body Beast round.  I’m starting to see great changes. That streak is going to extend all the way to the end of June for the Beachbody Classic.

4.18 Beast progress


Who’s going to ride that streak of nutrition and workouts straight into summer?


Have a great week and Bring it!

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