P90X2 Yoga Review

One of the biggest complaints about Yoga from the original P90X is the length.  At an hour and 32 minutes it is very difficult for most people to fit into their schedule.   Beachbody has released a few Yoga P90X One on Ones, Fountain of Youth (47 minutes), Patience Hummingbird (36 Minutes), and MC2 Yoga (60 minutes).  All three are great alternatives to P90X Yoga although I consider Patience Hummingbird more of a stretch than a workout.  Those that have MC2 Yoga will see a lot of similarities here as Vol. 3 of the One on Ones was the testing ground for P90X2.

One of the biggest challenges with doing Yoga to the TV is having turn you head up and look at the screen constantly.  The cues in the One on One Yoga’s are particularly bad.  I’m happy to report that Tony does an excellent job with the cues in X2 Yoga.  He spends much of the video giving tips and walking around and lets the 3 cast members show you the variations of each move.  I found myself having to look up at the screen rarely given my familiarity with this type of Yoga.  If you have never done any of Tony’s Yoga workouts I suggest scan through the workout beforehand to familiarize yourself with the moves.

The pace of the workout is excellent.  I found it moving nicely from section to section without spending too long in any one type of exercise like in P90X Yoga when you go Warrior 1, 2, 3, reverse, etc.  I had a great sweat going during the workout.  I was a bit sore from X2 Chest, Shoulders, & Tris yesterday so it took some time for my shoulders to loosen up but as always with Yoga I felt incredible after.  There are some new challenging moves like crane to handstand 😮  I can do crane relatively easy  now but this is a different ballgame.  I actually paused the workout to give it a few extra unsuccessful tries.  My goal is to master it by the end of 90 days.  The Ab section is very intense as always in the Yoga workouts.  My abs were really on fire.  The workout ends with a nice stretching / mobility section.

I truly believe X2 Yoga is the best Yoga workout Beachbody has released.  As Tony say, “Do your Yoga people!”


Length: 67 minutes

Pacing: Very Good.  Seems to go by quickly

Equipment Needed:

  • Mat
  • Yoga block (optional)

Difficulty: On par with Yoga X

Cues: Excellent

Music: Very good and relaxing

Overall:    Excellent.  Tony’s best Yoga workout yet!


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Great Review, Jeff I was hoping the cues would be better than the ones in Yoga:MC2 I'm looking forward to this workout--Yoga just seems to tie it all together

Mike Roberts
Mike Roberts

Awesome review Jeff! Thanks. I cant wait to try it myself.


Awesome review of X2 Yoga!!!! I can't wait to give it a try!! My biggest complaint of Yoga X was the length! Thanks for breaking it down for us!!!!