P90X2 – X2 Shoulders + Arms Review


X2 Shoulders+ Arms is the sequel to the original Shoulders & Arms from P90X.  Tony calls it working the glamor muscles.  The workout focuses on relatively small muscle groups so it’s not going to take your breath away.  X2 S+A is certainly the most similar of all the X2 workouts compared to the P90X original.  There’s just not that many ways to work the biceps, triceps and shoulders, you’re going to have to do a bunch of curls, kickbacks and presses.

The workout does add core + stability to all the moves by incorporating balance.  Most of the moves are shown in 3 variations which I’ll list in progressing difficulty:

  1. On 2 feet
  2. 1 foot on a stability ball
  3. Standing on 1 foot

I felt like the right level for me was the 1 foot on the stability ball variety.  That way I incorporated some balance but not at the expense of using BIG weights.  I was able to use about 5lbs less than I would vs the standing on 2 feet variation.  As with everything experiment with what works for you and use that method.  I will say that the cast used significantly smaller weights than I did during this routine.  Don’t be afraid to go a little heavier than the cast!

The workout consists of 7 exercises which get repeated over 3 rounds.  I’ll admit this is my least favorite type of workout.  I greatly prefer workouts with ZERO repeats like V-Sculpt.  I feel like the repeats take some of the fun out.  I do add weight on each exercise on each round.  If I start with 30s in round 1, I’ll move to 35s in round 2 and 40s in round 3.  This method can take a few times through to find the right weight and reps for you.

Deleted Move?

Going through the workout you may feel like something is missing at only 52 minutes and there is 🙂 I know 2 of the Coaches that appeared in the workout (Josh & Monica) and they told me told me that a Medicine Ball Pike Press was DELETED from the beginning of each round.  I’m sure Beachbody’s legal department felt this move was too dangerous for the general public to attempt! Watch the video of me doing the move below:


Attempt at your own risk!

Personally I think it’s a shame they deleted the move as I feel it takes this workout to the next level.  I’ve incorporated the move back into my X2 S+A routine at the beginning of each round.  I pause the disc, do this move, and then hit play again when I’m done.  Do a regular Pike Press with your hands on Power Stands if you don’t feel comfortable with the balls.

Length: 52 minutes

Pacing: Very fast.

Equipment Needed:

  • Stability Ball
  • Foam Roller
  • Weights of Bands
  • Plyo Box (optional)

Difficulty: Advanced

Cues: Excellent

Music: Good

Overall: X2 Shoulders + Arms is probably my least favorite of the X2 Strength workouts.  That’s no to say its bad, just not a home run like some of the others.  Adding the Deleted Move back in elevates the quality of the workout significantly.

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thanks so much for this post !!!  The 1st time I did this routine (not knowing about the deleted move) I was thinking that there was something missing.....with this new x2 pike press, it NOW feels like a workout worthy of the X2 name.  Much better with this move. And you know,  it really didn't seem that dangerous.   never once felt I was losing control of my balls  (ha, sorry) and thus my head was never at risk.  Maybe different for other folks, I dunno.

But thanks again for the post. Much better workout now.