Lauren Featured by Shakeology

Coach Lauren’s transformation is being featured on the Shakeology Facebook Wall!

Wow it’s quite a thrill to open up Facebook and see your wife’s Pictures being featured with so many positive comments and shares! My inbox has been flooded with friends, other coaches, and Team members telling me about the pics.  We’re obviously huge fans of Shakeology and wouldn’t have had our results without it.  Add this to the list of uplifting experiences that Beachbody has given us.  I love the company and I absolutely love being a coach!

Lauren’s Quote

Feeling uninspired with yourself makes it very difficult to be the person you want to be for your kids and family. I knew I had to make a change so started drinking Shakeology everyday and I did ChaLEAN Extreme. I lost 14 lbs and my body fat dropped 9.2 points in 90 days! I am now so much more comfortable in my own skin and feel like the role model I want to be to raise confident, happy, inspired children

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