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Welcome to Team InfinityX, a community of individuals who are committed to improving their health and fitness.  For today, for tomorrow, to infinity.    

As your coaches, we are here to help motivate and support you through your own fitness journey!  Through our transformations, we have come to be true believers in what these programs and supplements can do.  We want to pass this excitement along and share what we have learned along the way.  Anyone can do this.  Including YOU!

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What will you get from a coach?

  • Our job:  to get you a plan, get you focused and help you keep your eye on the prize.   
  • The site will offer you exercise pointers, tips on eating healthy and staying on track, motivational support, and honest reviews of the Beachbody products.
  • We will help you find the right program. 
    • As true believers in the Beachbody products because we have lived and breathed many of them, we can offer suggestions based on your goals, your time limitations and your budget.
  • We will help you maximize your plan. 
    • Along the way there are things we have done right and things we have done wrong.  
  • We will promptly answer your questions, either through email or any questions you post to the comment section on our pages and posts. 


 Who should you choose? 

Coach Jeff has experience with the extreme programs and with building mass.  He has seen excellent results with unwavering discipline to both the programs and his nutritional plan.  If you want extreme results, he is your guy.

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Coach Lauren has achieved results with many programs and has experience completing programs just as they were designed but also by combining Beachbody workouts with other activities such as kickboxing and running.  She can certainly provide tips and advice to the women out there.  As a mom to very active kids and a busy household, she understands the unique needs of women.
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**When you click above to make one of us your coach, you will be redirected to a short form to setup your free Team Beachbody account.  That’s it – you are now an official member of Team InfinityX.  We will send you an email to welcome you to our team and to give you some tips about navigating our site. 


Already have a Coach but want to Switch?


If you already have an account, you already have a coach. You need to make a COACH SWITCH. To make the coach switch, you simply have to send a one line email to telling them that you want one of us to be your coach:


JEFF LENNON, coach # 89427 at

LAUREN LENNON, coach # 89522 at


Please make sure to include your full name and email address, and CC your coach of choice so we can make sure the switch goes through.


Starting from Scratch?

A Challenge Pack is a great place to start.  Challenge Packs includes your choice of program & your first month’s Shakeology at a discount. Fitness + Nutrition in one!

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What do we need from you?

  • Your commitment to the programs and a commitment to yourself.
  • A way to be ACCOUNTABLE
  • Your excitement

What we don’t need is your money.  We will only recommend products if you ask us to and they will be programs we believe in.  You do not have to worry that we will steer you towards something expensive and if you decide not to order through our site, we will still be happy to answer your questions and be your coaches. 

How does the site work?

  • Read the blogs and archived content.  What you will find:
    • Workout journal
      • We both post daily after our workouts for the day.  We encourage you to also post in the comment section what you did for the day and how you felt.  Posting to the journal is also a great way to get focused for tomorrow’s workout. 
    • Get Fired Up
      • This is where we will post any upcoming events.  For example, if a new program is about to be released we will try to get a group together who will start together and finish together. 
    • Nutritional tips and advice
    • Program reviews
    • Tips on staying motivated
    • Information on becoming a coach
    • And more…
  • Links to the Beachbody products you can buy though our site
    • Before you buy something run it by us.  There are many things you probably don’t need in order to be successful and we can help keep you in budget.
  • Ask Questions – through our email addresses or directly on any post or page in the comments section
  • Post Comments – we encourage you to visit our site often and post often to just check in, offer words of encouragement, post your pics, etc.



How does coaching work?

  • Coaching is free through a complimentary Team Beachbody membership. You can also upgrade to paid membership which will give you 10% off of all Beachbody products, customized meal plans, access to the Beachbody trainers through live chats, exclusive videos and recipes.
  • We do get a commission from products you might purchase through the links on this site but that is not the reason we are here.   The commission does help compensate us for our time answering questions and keeping our website informative and fresh, but our main purpose is that we have had success with these programs and we are excited about it…we simply want to share that and pass it on!
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Hi I need someone to push me to finish on of the programs. I want to do a p90x/insanity hybrid. Do you have a group on the beachbody message board? Thank Jason

Deldee Hale
Deldee Hale

I am ready for a whole new world and body!!! Re-construct me!