Insanity Tips!

Bring your Swagger

“You’ve got to be kidding me!” That’s probably what you were thinking halfway through the warmup during your 1st Insanity workout.  I remember finishing Plyo Cardio circuit the 1st time and saying to Lauren, “I can’t believe they’re allowed to sell this to the general public.”  Insanity is NO JOKE. Once you’ve finished a full round of Insanity you’ll realize that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to.  Insanity is 90% mental, you just need to realize that you won’t actually die from working out this hard LOL :)  Everything is going to hurt along the way, especially your feet and calves the 1st few weeks.  Keep pushing through and realize that even people who are in great shape when the start have never worked out this hard in their life. At the end of the program you’ll be in the best shape of your life.

No Pausing

Don’t pause the DVD unless it’s an emergency bathroom break. Look around at the cast, there’s always at least one person catching their breath.  The idea is to keep your heart rate revved so take a breather when you absolutely have to and then jump back in as soon as you can.  Try and take fewer breaks each time through.  I would try and make it further and further each week before I took my 1st break.  Keep the DVD running and try a keep the break to around 10 seconds and then jump right back in.

Max Heart Rate?

Max heart rate calculators need to be thrown out the window with Insanity.  Unless you have a heart condition, keep pushing until you are going to black out 😉 That’s half a joke, but my heart rate is frequently in the 180s during Insanity.  At 190 I start to see black spots, at which point I know I need to slow down or take a break.  Always keep pushing yourself and keep your heart rate as high as you can for as long as you can!

  • A heart rate monitor is a nice thing to have so you can tell if you’re going to black out or just being a wimp :) A heart rate monitor can also be fun with Insanity because with the calories burned feature on some, you can try burn more calories each time you do the workouts. Beachbody sells a Bowflex Heart Rate monitor at a decent price.

Adjust fat Shredder Ratios

When doing Insanity and trying to lose weight you can still use the Fat Shredder diet, however you need to adjust the ratios to 40% carbs, 40% protein, & 20% fat.  Your body needs the extra carbs in order to do the intense cardio.

Good Shoes a Must

Do NOT use running shoes with Insanity.  Running shoes have very little lateral support and you’ll need it during the workouts.  Find a good pair of Cross Trainers with a lot of cushion to use.  Try and avoid big and heavy cross trainers which they can tend to be.  I’m a big fan of the Nike FREE TR.  The Nike Free’s simulate bare feet which improves athletic performance.  The Frees are the least intrusive cross trainers I’ve found.

Take care of your knees

I honestly don’t know how the cast does the workout on a basketball court in the videos, I would be a crippled.  Try and use a nice cushioned surface to do the workouts in addition to your new cross trainers.  Don’t do the workout on your bare basement floor.  I personally do the workouts on padded exercise tiles with a Manduka Plyo Mat on top.  The Manduka has GREAT cushioning and has treated me very well for the 8 years I’ve owned it.  I bring it with me when I travel for my workouts.  The padding has saved my knees from the pounding that Insanity can put them through.


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