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I’m a little bummed that Summer is over but I’m thrilled that 3 out of 4 kids are back in school ūüôā ¬†I know August is a really hard month for many people to stay on track with vacations and getting the kids ready for back to school. ¬†I notice activity, in terms of questions through email and in our Facebook groups slow down significantly in August. ¬†Now that a routine has returned take the opportunity to get active again. ¬†I’m seeing a big uptick in participation already now that September is here. ¬†Get plugged in and put together a nice long streak!

I have been extremely busy studying and preparing for my NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Personal Trainer certification. ¬†I spent every free moment I had this summer getting ready for this exam. ¬†I was quite happy that my hard work payed off by not only passing but quickly realizing that there was no faking your way through the test. ¬†Simply put if you didn’t know the material inside and out you were not passing.

The one thing I kept coming back to while studying is how fantastic so many of Beachbody programs truly are. ¬†Guess which program is practically perfect in terms of NASM OPT model?…P90X2! I’m not surprised. ¬†I never felt better or performed better than when I did X2. ¬†The program starts with a Stability/Flexibitlty phase, moves to Strength and finishes with a Power/Performance phase. ¬†X2 was/is a terrible seller for Beachbody. Why? In my opinion it is a few things:

  1. You need lots of toys for the best results (Rumbe Roller, Med balls, Stability ball,etc)
  2. It looks hard, and it is lol. ¬†People’s balance and flexibity stinks. ¬†Guess what? The only way to get better is to work on it.
  3. Many people felt it wasn’t as hard as P90X. ¬†I respectfully disagree. ¬†If you were able to do all the moves as shown with proper form and balance you get a heck of a workout.
  4. All the workouts are right around an hour long. ¬†People aren’t willing to make that commitment 6 days a week.

My thought has always been if you have some issues X2 is the best program to get you fixed.  My right shoulder has always been a disaster (2 surgeries).  All the stability work in X2 basically made it feel like new.  A great progression for a 6 month plan to incredible results would be P90X2 followed by Body Beast.


Year of the Beast Round 2

The Year of the Beast group has been on FIRE! ¬†While most people and groups slow down in August this one has bucked the trend and been going strong and in fact is gaining momentum. ¬†I can’t wait to see all the incredible results out of this group. ¬†We’re entering the final Beast phase but the other Top Coaches and I have decided to reopen the group for round 2!

Don’t miss out on¬†your chance to join the YOTB group starting October 6th!

I know many people on the Team wanted to join in July but couldn’t for one reason or another. ¬†Don’t miss out on the opportunity to be part of this amazing group. ¬†Beast creator Sagi Kalev is even a frequent contributor ūüôā ¬†The requirements for YOTB are more strict than the normal Accountability group so message me for details. ¬†The GREAT news is the Body Beast Challenge Pack is on sale for the month of September!


9.12 Beast Progress

My personal progress for YOTB has been great. ¬†I started at my normal 205-210lbs and I’m up to 216lbs without getting too fluffy. ¬†The Great news is I’m up to 3800 calories a day (That’s a lot of food!). ¬†My plan is to work it up to 4000 by the end of the year and spend Jan-July doing a very SLOOOOOW cut. ¬†I’m going to write something very soon about building up your metabolism. ¬†The long term goal for everyone is to be increasing your calories for a manageable and sustainable lifestyle.


21 Day FIX Challenge Pack on sale

The 21 Day Fix CP is on sale this month for only $140! The CPs always come with the program AND a months worth of Shakeology. ¬†The Fix has been Beachbody’s most popular program since it was released in February. ¬†People LOVE the 30 minute workouts and the simple nutrition plan.



Have a great week and Bring it!

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