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We can’t believe it’s October tomorrow.  Fall is flying by and before you blink it will be Halloween.  If you plan on dressing up in something Beastly, or sexy for the ladies, it’s not too late to dial it for the 31st.  The 21 Day Fix has proved that you can get amazing results in a short time if you commit to the workouts and nutrition. Get plugged into the Accountability Group  and let’s crush October.




This week has seen the release of P90, an updated release of the original Power 90.  We’ll always have a soft spot in our heart for Power 90 since it was our introduction to Beachbody and Tony Horton back in the early 2000s.  Jeff had great results with it but didn’t change his nutrition at all so he never even got close to a 6 pack.  We always thought P90 was a great non-intimidating program that allowed you to progress at your own rate.  Jeff’s Father went through a full round of Power 90 2 years ago and with the help of Shakeology LOST 30lbs!  Now P0wer 90 has been updated to P90 with more variety but keeping the same philosopy. Tony is calling it the  “The on switch to fitness!” Check out this video from Tony about P90.



Year of the Beast is Re-opening for Round 2.  DON’T MISS OUT!




The Year of the Beast group is re-opening for round 2 starting Oct. 6th. Now’s your chance to get in on this amazing group if you missed out the first time. We love Beast in case you didn’t know.  This group has more strict requirements than the regular accountability group.  Many people in round 1 have told us that they really NEED the extra kick in the pants and are seeing their best results ever.  YOTB is truly an amazing group and a great opportunity to learn from all the Top Coaches in the picture below and the Beast himself Sagi Kalev.  Send one of us  a message for additional details.  Believe me you don’t want to miss out on this if you’ve been on the fence.  


Before Beast banner

Last Day for September Sales

Challenge Packs always come with the program AND a months worth of Shakeology at a BIG discount. The 3 Programs are for sale this month:

  • p90 “the On switch to Fitness” is on sale for $160.  This is th program you’ve been waiting for if you’re intimidated by the more extreme programs.


  • 21 Day Fix CP is on sale this month for only $140! The Fix has been Beachbody’s most popular program since it was released in February.  People LOVE the 30 minute workouts and the simple nutrition plan.


  • BODY BEAST. PERFECT timing for the re-opening of YOTB!


All 3 programs are hands down the programs we’re directing people to the most and not just because of the sale.  We think these are 3 winners in the Beachbody arsenal.


Have a great week and Bring it!

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