The Benefits

There are many reasons to be a Beachbody Coach.  Most people will fall into 2 groups:



FOR THE DISCOUNT.  The vast majority of people, over 80%, fall into this category.  Most coaches sign on purely for the great discount on all products, which is a very generous 25%.  This, I should mention, is  worth it if you are on Shakeology HD for more than 1 month.

Here’s how it breaks down.

To be a coach you pay:

  • One time 39.95 start-up fee for month 1
  • 14.95 monthly “back-office” for months 2 and on.  This fee basically is the cost for Beachbody to host three websites for you in the event you were to be an active coach.

Your discount is 25% on everything.

At the bare minimum, let’s say you only get Shakeology and never have any intention on buying a workout program or other product Beachbody offers.

  • You will break even in month 2, and save $15 a month starting in month 3
  • If you get Shakeology for the year, you will save over $150
  • If you are a 2 bag a month household, like we are, you savings are over $500

And obviously as you add in programs and equipment or other supplements, like P90X Results and Recovery Formula, your savings are even greater.



FOR THE GLORY! All kidding aside, this is why Jeff and I have done it.  Of course it makes sense for us to do this for the discount.  We both get Shakeology and have each bought new programs this year.   The commission through sales on our site are also a plus but having the chance to share our story and be a part of something bigger than us has made for a very fun and rewarding time.


The real benefit of doing it for the Glory is that we feel like we are sharing something we believe in and as a result we have been able to directly influence others to make positive changes in their life – whether that is by following a strict plan as we have or even by joining a local gym, heading out for a run or making some small changes in their diets.  Whatever it is, I know we have helped and I love that feeling!

And of course there is the benefit of making a commission off of sales through your site – which is always of no consequence to your customers and often times a benefit to them since by ordering through a coach they may get bonus workout DVDs thrown in to their order.



FOR THE INCOME. You can make (real) money by being a coach and it’s not a scam and it’s not a “pyramid scheme”.  If you want more information please email me at or check out the other links on this page.  But just to give you a quick idea, any purchases made through your site will earn you earn 25%.  So if just one person orders Shakeology – that’s $30 a month, not to mention all the bonuses you can earn as your business grows.   It all adds up, especially as you get customers, which is pretty easy once you get results and people start to notice!




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