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Being a Beachbody Coach has been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done besides being a Father! I’m not a particularly sentimental person but receiving thank you messages from Team members who have had success in the programs puts an extra bounce in my step. I hope I’m literally changing the quality of peoples lives not just for health reasons but also how they feel about themselves!

How do I become a Coach for FREE?

During the Coach signup process there will be an option to order a Challenge Pack. If you decide to order a Challenge Pack during Coach signup ONLY the $39.95 starter fee is WAIVED! Challenge Packs include your choice of program & Shakeology at a discount. Let’s say you are finishing P90X and want to give P90X2 a try. Go to the coach signup link and during the signup process there will be a choice for a P90X2 Challenge Pack. For $205 you get P90X2, a bag of Shakeology and your coach signup fee taken care of plus FREE shipping. Purchasing P90X2 ($120)+Shakeology ($120)+becoming a Coach ($40) separately would be $280. Add in the cost of shipping and purchasing the Challenge Pack during the signup saves you almost $100!

Challenge Packs are available starting at $160. Going forward you’ll get your Shakeology monthly at the 25% off Coach discounted price! There is no better deal you will find on your continued fitness journey. I strongly encourage all the people I Coach who are moving onto their 2nd program to go this route.


Become a Coach!

Why Become a Coach?

  • Pay it Forward

Beachbody has created such a positive environment through it’s programs, coaches, and online community. Anyone who’s been through a program or benefited from a coach or motivational group on Facebook can become somewhat evangelical about all that Beachbody offers. I know that as soon as I started seeing amazing results with P90X & Shakeology I was talking about it with everyone I ran into. I became a coach to “Pay Forward” that passion to new people and hopefully inspire them to be fit and healthy.

  • For the Discount

Coaches receive a 25% discount on everything they purchase. If you’re on Shakeology auto-ship then this is a no-brainer, as you will save money by being a coach. The majority of Beachbody coaches are “Coaches for the discount” and don’t do any actual coaching.

  • Make a Little Money (or a lot!)

Coaches receive a commission on anything purchased through one of their links. Everyone who who goes through the programs and has success ends up talking about them to family & friends organically in conversations. Why not make a little money for recommending the products to them? They end up paying the same price or less than if they purchased elsewhere and when you order from a Coach’s link the programs come with bonus workouts for FREE.

Who Should be a Coach?

  • Anyone on Shakeology

As I said above anyone who drinks Shakeology for more than a month will save money by becoming a Coach.

  • Graduates

Any person who has completed a Beachbody program will make a great coach. You don’t need infomercial level results. All you need is your passion for the programs and your desire to help people get healthy. Coaching is about sharing what did or did not work for you. Coaching is a little like parenting, you learn on the job! Some people choose to start coaching a few weeks into a program which is OK too. Remember even 2 days into a program you have more experience than someone just starting 😉

  • People looking for a work from home business opportunity

Coaching is a great side job to make a little extra fun money but there are many coaches who have made it a full time career. My long term goal is to have Coaching be my full time career and I fully expect my income from it to surpass my best year in the corporate world a year from now! The Beachbody Coaching Business Opportunity is what you put into it. You can spend as little or as much time as you like.

How much does it cost to be a Coach?

The Business starter kit is $39.95 (waived if Challenge Pack is purchased). Starting in the 2nd month there is a $15.95 monthly business service fee that covers the cost of your Beachbody provided websites.


Please email me directly at if you have ANY questions about becoming a coach!

Become a Coach!

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Eduardo Ochoa
Eduardo Ochoa

im from Guatemala, im interesed for this program, how can i get it? i need to lose weight

Coach Jeff
Coach Jeff

Eduardo unfortunately I can only Coach people in the US and Canada but you should be able to order the program from