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LOTS going on since my last update!  Even when I don’t send out a full update to the Team I’m posting and commenting in the Acoountabilty group EVERYDAY as well as answering emails and messages.  Never hesitate to contact me for help or encouragement.  That’s what I’m here for 🙂  Some people I hear from daily, others occasionally and some not at all.  Check in and let me know how you’re doing if you haven’t in awhile!

Body Beast Infomercial!



While I was on the Beachbody Coach Success Club reward cruise I was completely unplugged.  When we got home I had an incredible number of messages but many of them were notifications congratulating me on being featured in the new Body Beast infomercial! I’m very proud to be featured (I appear around 4:10). I’m doubly proud that my results came from following the program to a T with nothing additional. 30-50 minutes a day and that was it. Body Beast has easily become my favorite Beachbody program. Sorry Tony 🙂  I started a new round yesterday after finishing up P90X3! We have quite a few people in the group Beating up, men & women, so join us for awesome results!


Beachbody Cruise

BB Cruise

Ahhh what an amazing, much needed, unplugged vacation. Thanks Beachbody for putting together an incredible trip, as always. Working out with the trainers is always great.  Day 1 Shaun T put us through a non-stop 50 minute T25-esque workout that kicked my butt lol.  He had a great line before the last set, “Finish strong so you can drink all day long!” lol

Tony was entertaining as always but the real highlight was working out with Autum from the 21 Day FIX for the 1st time.  We did a leg workout with her that had no weights that really had me dripping.  I was really impressed with her as I have been with her whole program. We’re already looking forward to the Beachbody Cancun trip next year!

I’ve said it before but becoming a Coach has been THE most rewarding thing I’ve ever done besides fatherhood:  Physically, mentally and financially.  If you’ve ever thought about becoming a Coach or are just interested in what’s involved send me a message.  You don’t have to be your ideal “After” picture to make a great Coach, you just have to have a passion for improving the health and fitness of yourself and others!

Everyone loves the FIX

FIX food prep

Lauren has started a really rocking group for the 21 Day Fix.  Lots of engagement and encouragement.  We believe it’s truly a great program.  Lauren already completed 1 round before the cruise and just started a new round.  The pic above is from our shared food prep on Sunday.  The best part of the program is the way it teaches healthy eating habits.  In that regard I think it’s the most effective program yet.


Finally this week I’ve updated the Challenge Pack page.  The programs on sale this month are T25 and Brazil Butt Lift.  Challenge Packs are always the best way to start a new program since it’s the only time you can get a discount on Shakeology.


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