AMAZING Insanity Transformation!

Everyday in our Facebook motivational groups I get tagged a handful of times.  While scanning my notifications I saw one from Mohamed, “My Transformation During INSANITY Pictures! I went from 265 Pounds (120 KG) to 215 Pounds (97 KG)! LOST 50 POUNDS ! 😀 Thank You Shaun T, Thank You Guys, Thank You Jeff Lennon.” I immediately clicked on the notification and was floored by Mohamed’s results.  I was almost certain but I just had to confirm that these amazing results were only from 1 round and they are! 63 Days of Insanity and 50lbs lost.  Mohamed looks like an entirely NEW man!

Helping and inspiring people to have transformations like this are why I’m a coach! Mohamed has inspired me and put a bounce in step all week from the pride I have from him being on OUR Team.  I hope Mohamed’s pictures and stories can inspire many more people!

Mohamed’s story in his own words:

Hey my name is Mohamed Hammad, I am 18 years old and I live in Egypt, I always was the fat kid in the school, the one who gets bullied at because of his weight.

That always made me less confident in myself but that wasn’t the only thing, I had like the WORST level of fitness over.

Barely running for 10 seconds and when I tried to tie my shoes, I always get up trying to catch a breath.

It was not pretty, so I decided to change.

I saw the INSANITY infomercial at YouTube, then I tried to purchase it only to find that the shipping was only allowed to US and Canada, so I jumped through hoops convincing my uncle (who lives in America) to buy it for me then ship to Egypt.

So I bought INSANITY and didn’t do it!

That’s right! I always start the first week (my best accomplishment was two and half week) then I quit over and over again.

Then came a moment of self-realization to myself, I keep thinking, I can’t be like that, I am still young and got all the live ahead of me and I want to ENJOY it big time and that won’t happen as long as I am overweight!


I started following the nutrition plan and doing the workouts (never missed a workout) and BRINGING IT. One of the ways to make sure that I dug deeper that I get a family member to watch me so he/she can make sure that I am doing my best and if there wasn’t anyone available, I would deeply immerse myself and imagine that I am at the insanity basketball court and that Shaun T is looking at me every time he looks to the Camera.

They were hard at the first two weeks, then things became easier one step at a time. I kept improving at my fit-test and things were going great.

Then at the end of the first month, I went to play soccer with my friends and boy! I was the fittest one of them, running the whole match, stretching my muscles to the max and being a powerhouse for an entire hour and a half! at that point, I realized that I am starting to enjoy life the way I want it.

Then came the second month which was deadly to me! the first three weeks were so hard but I KEPT pushing it because every time I remember this soccer match and how my shape is changing in the mirror, I know that those 63 days will keep me happy for the entire lifetime I have.

Finally, the journey ended as the fourth weeks of the second month came to an end (which I smashed it btw) I went from 265 pounds (120 kg) to 215 pounds (97 KG)! I lost 50 pounds in sixty days thanks to INSANITY.

There is no impossible, just bring it and have faith.

The END! 🙂

Thanks Jeff,



 Thank You Mohamed! I can’t wait to see what you can do with Asylum!


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Awe Inspiring! I am so proud of you for getting it done this time around...You totally brought it!